Sponser Size Year Contacted this Year?
A Mother's Touch bus card 2005
Al Mcgregor communications bus card 2005
Arnold Knives full page 2005 X
Ashley  Grange Traders full page 2005
Battle of Lundy's Lane half page 2005 X
Battle of Stoney Creek re-enactment bus card 2005 X
BDF Office builders half page 2005
BMO Dave Fogal full page 2005
BMO Nesbitt Burns bus card 2005
Brown Beattie O'donovan bus card 2005
Cami Automotive half page 2005
Canada Post bus card 2005
CAW Local 88 bus card 2005
Chaucer's Pub bus card 2005
Civil War event half page 2005
Crabby Joe's bus card 2005
Crane's Antiques & Collectables bus card 2005
Dishington's Tea Room bus card 2005
Doctus of London full page 2005
Doug O'Loughlin construction full page 2005
East Elgin Sportmen's Association bus card 2005 X
Elgin Military Museum bus card 2005
Faire at the Forks bus card 2005 X
Fairfield Comes Alive half page 2005 X
Fanshawe Pioneer Village 1812 event full page 2005
Forest City Business Equipment bus card 2005 X
Goble's Gun and Tackle full page 2005 X
Green Lane Environmental half page 2004 X
Hanford Tire and Service full page 2004
Hobby Junction full page 2004 X
Lerners half page 2004
Letter Carriers Depot bus card 2004
London Legal Couriers bus card 2004
London Post Office Hockey Team bus card 2004
Longwoods Lunch & Variety bus card 2004
Mark Dickerson bus card 2004 X
Mt. Brydges Ford bus card 2004
Old Guard Military Art bus card 2004 X
Ontario Mortgage Action Centre bus card 2004
Ron Zboril  bus card 2004
Seabourne Construction full page 2004
Signcrafts by Fred bus card 2004
Siskinds the Law Firm half page 2004
Springbank Tree Farm half page 2004 X
St Willibrord Credit Union bus card 2004 X
The British Touch full page 2004 X
The Sofa Gallery full page 2004
VBSA half page 2004 X
Wasaga Under Siege re-enactment half page 2004 X