Article 1 – Name, Purpose, and Government


Section       1.a.                  The name of this organization shall be the Upper

                                    Thames Military Re-enactment Society, hereafter

                                    referred to as U.T.M.R.S.


                  1.b.                  The sole unit which will be organized, funded, and

                                    operated by the U.T.M.R.S. shall be the 1st

                                    Battalion 1st Regiment of Foot.  The Royal Scots.


                  1.c.                  To form any subsequent units or to disband any

                                    unit in existence under the sponsorship of the

                                    U.T.M.R.S. will require a 2/3rds majority vote of

                                    the general membership at a meeting where a quorum      

                                    is formed.


Section       2.a.                  The primary purpose of the U.T.M.R.S. shall be to

                                    portray life in a military environment during the

                                    early 19th century.  ( circa 1812 ) .


                  2.b.                  The means of doing this shall be by the use of

                                    living history portrayals ( Battle re-enactments,

                                    interpretive programs, military parades, and

                                    pageants, etc. ) in order to educate both the

                                    general public and the living history community in   

                                    the most authentic manner possible about the life

                                    style, military duties, and attitudes of a member

                                    of the British military in the 19th century.


Section       3.a.                  The U.T.M.R.S. shall be governed by a ruling         



                  3.b.                  The executive will consist of four (4) positions,

                                    the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer,

                                    and a non-voting Secretary.


                  3.c.                  The executive will be elected at the first

                                    business meeting in January each year for a period       

                                    of one year.  There is no limit to the number of

                                    terms a member can serve on the executive.





                  3.d.                  The method of election is as follows:


i.                     The serving President will call for

            Nominations for each position from President

            to Vice-President, to Treasurer, to



ii.                   As the nominations for each position are

            complete the membership will vote for

            that position.


                                    iii.                  The winner being the candidate with the most   



iv.                 Any member may call for a re-count at that



v.                   There is no limit to the number of positions

            a member can be nominated for.


vi.                 On the completion of the election the new

            executive will assume their posts.


Section 4.             A quorum is defined as a majority of the

                             voting members.


Article II – Membership, Application, and Responsibilities



Section     1.a.            The membership of the U.T.M.R.S. shall be open to

                             men, women, and families.  Men, women, and children

                             are expected to portray a traditional period role.

                             Men wishing to portray other than a soldier of the

                             Light Company 1st Battalion 1st Regiment of Foot,

                                          or women wishing to portray a role other than that

                             of a female campfollower must first obtain the

                             permission of the executive.  Children may

                             participate on an informal basis as children of

                             the period only under the supervision of a parent

                             or sponsoring member.


                 1.b.            To apply for membership a person:


i.                     Must be 13 yrs of age or 9 yrs of age, in a non-combatant

role, under the direct supervision of an adult member and deemed physically and mentally capable of portraying an appropriate period role.  This determination to   be made by the unit commander and unit safety officer on an event by event status.


ii.                   Must file a complete application of

            enlistment with the secretary.


iii.                  Must be either sponsored by a member

            or be approved by the executive.


                 1.c.            Full membership will be granted by the executive

                             if the applicant has:


i.                     Met all uniform and equipment requirements

            within 12 months of the approval of

            application and such uniform and equipment

            has been inspected and approved by the safety



ii.                   Demonstrated a mature attitude and acceptance

            of military discipline.


iii.                  Exhibited a basic knowledge of the military

            drill and weapon safety taught to them.


iv.                 Paid all dues.


                  1.d.                  Members, age 18 and over, shall have voting status.


Section       2.a.                  A member shall be responsible to:


i.                     Conduct themselves as mature adults at all

            times and in all situations.


ii.                   Have the required uniform and equipment items

            when attending an official event and that all

            such items be properly maintained.


iii.                  Make every effort to be active in unit events

                        and meetings at all times.


iv.                 Obey the orders of the officers and NCO’s

            placed in command over them by the executive.


v.                   Abide by the Articles, sections, sub-

            sections, paragraphs, and clauses of this




Article III – The Executive


Section       1.a.            The composition of the Executive will be of four

                              members, the President, Vice-President, the

                              Treasurer, and the Secretary.


Section       2.a.            The Executive is deemed to have the power to:


i.                     Exercise all powers granted and imposed by

            this constitution.


ii.                   Make all necessary contracts for the proper

            transaction of business of the U.T.M.R.S.


iii.                  Have jurisdiction over the care, conduct,

            supervision, and management of the

            U.T.M.R.S.’s finances created by members

            dues, honoraria, donations, and other monies

            collected by the U.T.M.R.S.


iv.                 Raise additional funds from the members on an

            equal basis for the purchase of company

            equipment by obtaining a simple majority vote

            in favour of the purchase at any meeting

            where a quorum is present.


v.                   Spend up to $200.00 without prior approval of

            a majority vote of favour at any meeting

            where a quorum is present, unless the

            purchase has been previously approved as part

            of an approved budget, or purchasing plan.


vi.                 Can appoint a unit commander to any sponsored

            unit at any time and for any length of



vii.                Exclusively approve membership applications

            and grant time extensions for membership



viii.              Review and recommend the revoking of the

            membership of any member who fails

            to fulfill the responsibilities of a member

            as defined in Article II, section 2.a., or at the request

            of a 2/3rds vote for review by the general membership

            at any meeting where a quorum is present.


ix.                 Appoint committees and their members to

            conduct business for the U.T.M.R.S.


x.                   Call and conduct meetings of the membership.







Section       3.a.                  The President is responsible to the membership for

                                    the management of the executive and the U.T.M.R.S.

                                    and is an exofficio member of any committee.


                  3.b.                  The Vice-President is responsible to the President

                                    and the general membership and is to assist the

                                    President in the execution of his duties.


                  3.c.                  The Treasurer is responsible to provide at the

                                    annual business meeting or on demand of any member

                                    in good standing a full accounting of the finances

                                    of the U.T.M.R.S. and must to that end retain all

                                    receipts and an accounting of all expenses and

                                    incoming monies.


                  3.d.                  The Secretary is responsible for ensuring the

                                    publishing of the newsletter, recording of the

                                    minutes at all executive and general meetings and

                                    is responsible for all U.T.M.R.S. correspondence.


Article IV – Uniforms and Equipment


Section       1.a.                  The uniform and equipment of the Royal Scots shall

                                    Consist of the following as a minimum:


i.                     A red wool coatee with proper regimental

            accoutrements of the pattern and colour

            approved by the executive.


ii.                   Grey wool, drop front trousers with



iii.                  A long sleeved white shirt of pattern

            designated by the executive.


iv.                 A reproduction ‘Brown Bess’ .75 cal. Musket,

            and matching bayonet, or other musket on the

            prior approval of the executive.


v.                   A black felt stovepipe shako, 7 ½” tall

            with brim, green hackle, and shako plate.


vi.                 A haversack of white cotton or linen.


vii.            A black leather cartridge pouch of proper

            pattern with a 1 7/8” – 2 Ό” wide buff

            leather shoulder belt.


viii.            A black leather neck stock.


ix.                 A buff leather shoulder strap and bayonet

            carrier of similar size to the cartridge

            pouch belt.


x.                   Any other item as deemed necessary by the




Article V – Dues


Section       1.a.                  The annual membership dues will be set by the

                                    executive with the approval of the membership at

                                    the first business in November.


                  1.b.                  If the dues are not paid by January 31st and an

                                    extension has not been granted by the executive a

                                    late fee of $5.00 will be added to the dues.


                  1.c.                  A member cannot participate in any event until

                                    his / her dues are paid in full.


                  1.d.                   The dues will include the accident and liability

                                    insurance fee.


Article VI – Meetings


Section         1.a.                  General meetings will be held twice each month, as

                                    determined by the membership at the first meeting in

                                    September, from September to May inclusive.


                  1.b.                  Additional meetings may be called by the executive

                                    as required.


                  1.c.                  Business can be voted on at any meeting where a

                                    minimum of 25% of voting members are present

                                    including 2 executive members.


                  1.d.                  Standard parliamentary rules of procedure will be

                                    utilized to conduct all meetings.


Article VII – The Safety Officer


Section       1.a.                  The executive will appoint a Safety Officer.


                  1.b.                  The Safety Officer or his designate may at any

                                    time order off the field any member who is in his

                                    opinion behaving in such a manner or operating any

                                    piece of equipment in such a way as to cause a

                                    threat of harm to himself or anyone else.


                  1.c.                  The Safety Officer may recommend the review and

                                    possible revoking of membership to the executive

                                    of any member for repeated safety violations.



Article VIII – Amendments to the Constitution


Section       1.a.                  Any article, section, sub-section, paragraph, or

                                    clause of this constitution may be amended by a

                                    2/3rds majority vote in favour of the amendment at

                                    any meeting where a quorum is present.


                  1.b.                  A thirty day notice of motion is required before

                                    the vote.