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Upper Thames Military Reenactment Society

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Battle of Longwoods Bicentennial 
March 8th, 2014
Wardsville, Ontario, Canada

Please make sure your unit knows the following information:
  • Setup can not begin before 5:00pm on Friday March 7th.   
  • Registration will be at the Masonic Hall in the town of Wardsville, Ontario, Canada.  
  • Billeting will be in public spaces in the community as there is no place to camp.  More information on the locations will be given in a email closer to the event.
  • Those staying in the billets will need to bring a cot and other sleeping gear.
  • If a hotel or motel is desired then indicated that on your registration and information of locations will be sent to you.
  • On Friday March 7th a social will be held for the community and reenactors at Crocodile Studios in the town of Wardsville, Ontario, Canada
  • On Saturday March 8th there will be a dinner held in the town of Glencoe for $20 a ticket.  If you would like tickets please email 
  • On Saturday March 8th there will be the reenactment of the Battle of Longwoods on the original battle site followed by a drum head funeral service to the fallen.
  • After the drum head service a reception will be held for all in attendance across the road from the battle site.
  • Artillery will not be used during this reenactment as it was not present during the original battle. However artillery units are more than welcome to participate as infantry for the battle.

Unit Registration

Please note that for Longwoods we are asking for unit registration.  This is to simplify the process.  We have asked that you give us a list of all members of your unit covered by the unit insurance so that when participants arrive, we can confirm they are covered. We need to know fairly accurate numbers of participants for billeting reasons.   So please try to have a number of those coming to within 2 to 3 people. If you would like to email your unit list as an attachment, or you have any questions, please click here to contact us. In addition, if your member's list changes before the event, please let us know.

Unit Portrayed
Please select one of the following
If other, please specify
Unit Commander
Contact Email
Insurance Company
Insurance Policy Number
If other, please specify
Billeting Required (Yes/No)
Please select Billeting Required
Number of Men
Number of Campfollowers
Please list all members covered under your insurance