The grey overalls replaced the soldier's white trousers for field service. They were originally designed to be worn over the breeches, but this rarely happened. In the Canadian climate, the wool overalls provided more warmth than the breeches as well. A question we often hear is, "You're Scottish - where are you kilts?" The Royal Scots are a lowland regiment. They recruited primarily from the Edinburgh region. As the kilt is a highland distinction, the Royal Scots wore trousers. The gaitors are made of the same material, with the idea being that the material from one could be used to patch the other. The purpose of gaiters is to prevent stones from entering the shoes on the march and laming the men. The sergeant wears a pair of "straight-laced" ankle boots or brogans. This means that there is not a left and a right boot, but with wear, they would be broken in.